PT. Aneka Standard March 2018

A FMEA & Total Productive Maintenance Course was delivered to the delegates below on the 13-14th March 2018 delivered by Paul Hardiman, a recognized international expert relates to IATF 16949 and management systems.

1HertantoPT URS Services Indonesia
2Danang PrasetiyokoPT URS Services Indonesia
3Arief PrihartonoPT URS Services Indonesia
4Intan Prawidya WPT URS Services Indonesia
5Ferry HandayaniPT URS Services Indonesia
6Rendi SutrisnoPT URS Services Indonesia
7Resti AnggraeniPT URS Services Indonesia
8Yuan ByaCevral Consulting
9MukhtarudinPT Multi Usage Indonesia
10RasdidiPT Multi Usage Indonesia
11Nanang Sunandar HadisaputraPT Sentral Tehnologi Managemen
12Beltsazar Ronal Manatar RumajarPT Sentral Tehnologi Managemen
13Edward LibrianusPT Proxsis Solusi Bisnis
14Fadhlu RidwanulhakimPT Proxsis Solusi Bisnis
15Yudi HartonoPT Aisin Indonesia Automotive