VDA 6.3 Process Audit

VDA011Paul has over 4 years’ experience in training and auditing using the VDA 6.3 process audit standard, recognised as a world class tool for understanding weaknesses in the product realisation processes and identifying areas for continual improvement.

He is a VDA qualified trainer, evaluator and auditor.

VDA 6.3 is a globally accepted best practice tool for undertaking an audit of an organisation’s product realisation processes.

Quality Partner can provide an independent assessment service, either to undertake internal or supplier audits using VDA 6.3. Audits are performed by VDA 6.3 qualified auditors who meet all customer specific qualification requirements.

To discuss VDA 6.3 in more detail contact enquiries@qualitypartner.co.uk with an outline of your needs. An expert will then contact you to discuss and provide an effective solution.


Introduction to VDA 6.3 2016 Process Audit

The German automotive industry place a great emphasis on undertaking effective process audits of the product realization process.

VDA 6.3 2016 is a recognized best practice tool, with a very structured set of audit questions and requirements, along with a clearly defined scoring system.

This short video (approximately 15 minutes) covers the scope of VDA 6.3, the scoring system and how it can be used to undertake internal audits, or audits of new and existing suppliers.

It is suitable for any viewer who want to understand the concept, whether an auditor, a process owner or in the senior management team.

12 months access to the video can be purchased for a one off price of $9.99